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Planning your strategy can get overwhelming — especially if you’re not an expert strategist by training.

I’ve been there. In the early days of my business career, I was tasked with crafting an innovation strategy without the roadmap or mentorship of a seasoned strategist... and it was tough.

Sure, going it alone saved on consultancy fees, but the real cost?

The struggle to establish a coherent plan, complete with clear KPIs and actionable steps, all while steering the ship solo.

Who knew that after surviving the strategy-planning gauntlet, I’d become sought out for my strategic help? And earlier this year I spotted a plea from a budget-savvy leader – it was like looking in a mirror, only with less coffee and more desperation.

“Help with KPIs that behave!” “Team alignment? Is it magic?” And there I was, armed with hard-earned wisdom and ready to help.

Turns out, you’re not born with a strategy roadmap in your pocket – who knew? And since I've already taken a lot of ‘forgettable routes’ to find the best shortcuts, why not share the GPS?

Enter the "Breakthrough Launchpad": for when you want the insights of a seasoned strategist, without the hefty price tag or the stuffy boardroom meetings.

If you've got big dreams but your strategic planning could use some help, let’s upgrade you...

The Breakthrough Launchpad

Here’s what you get for just $997 with my breakthrough launchpad:

Strategic Mentoring Sessions
Eliminate your obstacles…

  • 2x 45min sessions with Nils Vesk
  • One-on-one mentoring
  • Solving your unique challenge

Project Sprint Playbook
Hit your KPIs…

  • How-to framework
  • Weekly Check-in template
  • Clarifying Action Prompts

Breakthrough Strategic Game Plan
Plan your sprints…

  • 12-month Action Plan
  • Realistic & achievable activities you can do
  • Prioritisation Matrix

On-Demand Support
Get help when you need it...

  • SMS help-line
  • Ask Nils Anything
  • Nils will respond within 24hrs (weekdays)
  • 2-months access

30-Day Business Sprint Program
Execute your sprints…

  • 30x daily how-to videos
  • Guides and activities
  • 30x Watch Nils do it videos
  • Accountability check in

 Trouble Shooting Resources
Get better results…

  • The Reinvention Sprint Book
  • Innovation Archetypes Book
  • Ideas with Legs Book

Exactly What You're Getting In the 30-Day Business Sprint Program

30 Business reinvention modules over 30 days 
One new module sent every day for 30-days
I will send you one module every day for 30 days - each module is actionable to get you reinventing your business.
Rapid pivot
In just 30 business days, you will progress to the launching of a business reinvention and building a business pivot that will take you and your business places you never imagined!
Fast & easy to follow
Each module has two business  reinvention  videos and a PDF workbook activity.

How to videos
The first video in each module will explain the reinvention technique for that stage and how to implement it step-by-step.
Workbook activities
The printable PDF workbook activities summarise the critical activities and help you to action what you've just learnt, meaning you make your reinvention happen quickly. 
Live application videos
The second video in each module shows me applying the reinvention technique you have just learnt to my own business. Meaning you get to see how a real business is reinvented in real-time.
Our winning process is simple
 Step 1 - Review what's happening & what's coming up. 

In the first step of your business pivot, there are four modules.

First, I take you through the nine-step process and the essential elements of a successful business pivot.

Followed by a tactical review of your business to make sure you eliminate mistakes.

The next two modules share how to pick emerging trends and create contingencies to capitalize on them. 

The last module is on reinventing business processes.

Step 2 - Reset your mindset

In this step, I share some critical techniques to rest your mindset to be able to pivot.

After all, if we want to change our results, we need to change our thinking.

There are some bonus modules in the course to help keep your mindset at its best and to deal with any mental obstacles you will face on your business pivot journey.

Step 3 - Refocus on what to reinvent. 

In step 3, I take you through three modules. Starting with what to focus your business pivot on.

You might not need to pivot everything in your business. You might require to only reinvent your process, product, service, or how you sell your offering.

I'll prompt you so you can pick the right part of the business to work on, identify the bottlenecks that are preventing the cash coming to you, and prioritize what to work on first.

Step 4 - Reconnect with your customer.

In these 4 modules, we explore how to read your customer's mind to uncover what your customer really wants now and, most importantly, what they are willing to pay for.

This step prevents you from making the mistake of creating ideas and offerings that customers don't want to pay for. Saving you time, money, and increasing your potential returns.

Step 5 - Reinvent your ideas.

There are four modules on ideas. Ideas are a dime a dozen, yet million dollar ideas only come when we are generating lots of ideas.

Research shows that we need lots of ideas to find the million-dollar one.  I share practical money-making idea generation techniques that genuinely solve customer problems and delight them in the process. 

Step 6 - Recalibrate your thinking so far. 

In the recalibration step, two modules will help you sort through all your insights and ideas to find the right ones to work on.

The techniques will help  provide you with a bankable, objective way to pick which insight and idea to build your business pivot around.  

Step 7 - Revalidate your insights and ideas.

Step 7 is the most decisive step in the 30-day business pivot. In these three modules, you'll run fast simple tests that will reveal to you in days whether you have a problem that the market wants to be solved.  

You'll also check that your solution works and that the market is willing to pay for your solution. These modules will eliminate the risk in your business pivot.

Step 8 - Reconstruct & restrengthen your final solution

There are four modules to help you execute and build your final solution. We explore how to build your solution cost-effectively while ensuring it will have customers lining up for it.

I also unpack the template that can enable you to outsource your idea's execution at minimal expense and minimal risk. Giving you a fast track to building your solution.

Step 9 - Relaunch your product to the world. 

In the final 5 modules, I unpack how to relaunch your business using the new 5C's of marketing. You'll create a compelling cause & create a  community of new customers. I'll show you step-by-step how to make 'people magnets' to attract people to your website. Next, I share how to create the all crucial Unique Value Proposition (UVP). You'll have an irresistible product, message, and a community willing to do business with you.


Q: How does the cost of the program compare to the potential return on investment?
The total value of all the components provided in this offer comes to $3260, so there is a total saving of $2,263. You'll not only be getting one-on-one advice but over 60 how-to videos and countless resources.

Q: Is this program suitable for my industry, organisation, or role?
I've worked in over 17 countries in the world with nearly every industry you can imagine from tech to FMCG, and from Global organisations such as Nestle´ and HP to small start-ups. From CEOs to customer call centre managers

Q: What's involved in the accountability check-ins?
Getting things done is the foundation of success. The accountability check-in is paramount to this successful implementation. Here's how it works.  You complete the accountability form stating what you're going to do and by when. And I'll follow up to see if you've done what you've promised. And if you haven't I'll be hard on you... Well, I won't beat you up, but I'll ask why you haven't delivered as you promised.

Q: How long will I have access to the 30-day videos for?
Good question, You'll have access to these videos and program for 12 months.

Q: What happens after the program ends? Are there more ways I can work with you?
Yes, you could consider doing our 12-month Breakthrough Innovator program.

I tried to make my masterclass features as clear as possible, but if you find yourself disappointed, email and tell me your thoughts. I’ll get back to you and we’ll come up with a solution!

Don’t just take it from me;
See what some of my customers have to say!

The tools and insights Nils offers are nothing short of transformative for any business. Essential to help take your business to the next level. - Stuart Clarke - CEO

I engaged Nils as a paid mentor a couple of months ago and it’s the best investment in time I’ve made. - Ross McKay, MBA Leanstack Mentor, Board Advisor

I have started using your innovation techniques in every day life as well as work, and experienced startling results - Warren Robb, Solutions Engineer

Planning your own business projects gets easier

With my breakthrough launchpad, you’ll learn how to:

Feel confident planning your sprints, without the overwhelm factor

Eliminate the obstacles so you don’t get tripped over by a nasty surprise.

Pace yourself so you don’t end up burning out you our your team.